CleanTech industry webinars​ - Carbon capture utilization ​and storage (09:00 -10:00 CET)

October 10, 2023 09:00 AM CET

Welcome to this internal webinar with focus on Energy Hunter.

Energy Hunting for potential energy savings and OPEX savings with the usage of Alfa Laval’s compact heat exchangers enhances energy efficiency of our customer’s processes. We want to change ours and our partners’ mindset to shift focus from only the product and its features to a bigger picture on values and realizing the impact of lost heat transfer. We aim to become thought leaders on energy efficiency.

Welcome to sign up, listen in and ask your questions in the chat for the live Q&A.

Please note that this is an internal broadcast and it should not be shared further to any external publication channel or stakeholder.

Thomas Møller

President Energy Division

Tereza Kucera

Bid Manager - GPHE Process Sales

Per Melchert

Commercial Business Manager - Service

Ismail Uzman

Global Business Development Manager - GPHE Equipment Sales

Lina Naslund

Process Engineer - GPHE Process Sales

Tobias Vernersson

Global Technology Manager BUW

Mari Dryselius

Portfolio Manager - ENS

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